Ventura Startup ‘Hero Holds’ Hangs Posters on the Wall without a Hammer or Hole

Innovative Mini-Magnet Technology Offers Cost-Effective, Damage-Free Picture-Hanging Solution

VENTURA, CA (November 28, 2014) – New Ventura, California-based company Hero Holds is poking holes in the argument for using pushpins, nails and other invasive methods to hang posters and pictures. The patent-pending, mini-magnet system, now available for purchase at, enables house, apartment and college dormitory decorators to arrange posters and photographs on their walls without damaging either the piece of art or the wall.

Founded in May 2014, Hero Holds’ innovative hanging systems consist of four, Original (retail: $10 USD) or Super-Strength (retail: $15 USD) Mini-Magnets, and four, corresponding magnetized “Anchors,” which adhere to, and can be removed from, walls without tearing or marking them up. The magnetized hanging system holds art in place while protecting wall surfaces and wall-hangings from harmful, unsightly holes and perforations often incurred by alternative hanging methods. 

“Once people discover Hero Holds, we will become the preferred method for hanging and decorating,” says Hero Holds Founder Kyle Sumner. “It is a very simple idea, but one that easily outperforms all other methods for picture hanging.” 

Easy To Use: The Hero Holds hanging system can be applied to posters and photographs up to 48”x60”. No framing, glass, or matting is required. The hanging process takes less than a minute and requires no tools. Once the Mini-Magnets and Anchors are placed on the wall, posters and photographs can easily be swapped in or out. 

Cost-Effective, Damage Free: At less than $10 for the Original Strength system, Hero Holds offers an affordable alternative to framing and matting, while still protecting both sides of photographs and posters from damage. Hero Holds can be doubled up for added strength. Adhesive Anchors can be removed from most surfaces (drywall, brick, concrete, glass, wood) without causing any damage. 

Clean, Minimal Appearance: “Our Mini-Magnets are all you will see, giving your posters and photographs the full attention they deserve,” Sumner says of the minimalist magnet-based hanging technology. Super Strength magnets are 5/16” diameter (slightly larger than a pencil); Original Strength magnets are even smaller at 3/16” diameter.

For more information about Hero Holds, visit Contact Kyle Sumner (; 805.746.3265) for further information, media samples or high resolution imagery.


Hero Holds is the result of one man’s frustration with the inherent limitations of pushpins and double-sided tape when interior-decorating. Sick of making holes in his walls and damaging the surfaces of his cherished posters and pieces of art, he combined two household products—magnets and adhesives—to invent a powerful new way to hang posters and pictures on walls, without causing any damage to either. Smart, functional, and versatile, Hero Holds rescues walls and wall art from holes, tears, scrapes and other misfortunes of inferior wall hanging systems.