Kickstarter Campaign Launches Successfully

On a dark, warm night, frames were destroyed. People gathered round. In the middle, wood. Paper matting. Glass. The old accomplices. Bystanders threw in their pushpins and rolls of tape for good measure. People were tired of dealing with these age-old, inferior poster hanging systems. People were ready to usher in a new era. A new hope. 

Oh boy! So dramatic! It actually went down much more casually than all that.

Hero Holds made live its Kickstarter campaign on Sunday, January 25 at 11a. The event will run for 6 weeks. Make sure to back our event by Sunday, March 8 (daylight savings!) at 11a.

Twenty-five of our closest friends and family gathered to check out our project. They also got to speak with us, which has been a little rare. You see, we've been working on Hero Holds so much, we haven't been out and about. 

The launch party was great. We enjoyed drinks, homemade pizza and a Hero Holds cake, and great conversation. We hosted an artist competition. Alyssa and Erica won Hero Holds for their fun work (images to come). Ultimately, we asked everyone to share Hero Holds and our Kickstarter campaign with their network of friends.

Our friends didn't disappoint. Sunday night and Monday morning, Hero Holds posts flooded social media sites. We've gotten off to a really nice start. Keep it going!