On Pace For Success!

Hello All!

We have reached 29% of our funding goal! We are also 29% into our campaign time frame. Talk about right on schedule! 

There is one issue. We won't be sending anyone rewards unless we hit 100% of our funding goal! This campaign is all or nothing. 

I'm not saying you HAVE to share this project with all of your rich friends. If you feel inclined to do so, great. 

Here's what I AM saying. Hero Holds users are smart, forward-thinking, and creative. You value your time and money, and Hero Holds saves you both time and money. Do you know other like-minded people? Those are the folks who should know about our community. Please tag, call, or email them about Hero Holds right now.

You see, Hero Holds' strength is also its weakness. Its strength is that it is a brand new idea. It's a new, superior solution to an old problem. Its weakness is that it is a foreign and unfamiliar idea. People don't know what it is until we tell them. 

We have 30 days to change the world! This campaign is really important. I need your help. Donate $100 to our campaign. Share our link. Follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. I know it's hard to be the first person to try something, or be the first person talking about Hero Holds. But you can talk about Hero Holds and be cool and confident. It's what you do, you smart, forward-thinker!

I appreciate you! You make things possible. 

Thank you,