Frequently Asked Questions

What Are Hero Holds?

Hero Holds is the number one thumbtack alternative, offering you a better way to hang your stuff with damage-free magnets and adhesives. Each Hero Holds set includes 4 holds for each poster corner. Each corner hold is a front-side magnet and a back-side magnet/adhesive combo. See our product page to see how they work.

What Can I Hang With Hero Holds?

You can hang any lightweight two-dimensional poster, print, tapestry, photograph and other flat media.

"Original Strength" Hero Holds hang up to 3 ounce media. They are perfect for media up to standard college dormitory posters in size (e.g. 24" x 36" posters).

"Super Strength" Hero Holds hang up to 16 ounce media. They are perfect for large posters (e.g. 48" x 60" posters) and large flags and tapestries (e.g. 60" x 96" thin nylon).

Are Hero Holds Reusable?

One-half of each Hero Holds corner piece is reusable, one-half is not. The front-side magnet is reusable, while the back-side magnet and adhesive combo ("anchor") is not reusable. We offer anchor replacements so you can move your media around without having to purchase full Hero Holds sets each time.

Will Hero Holds Damage My Wall Or media?

No. Hero Holds uses magnets and adhesives to hang your stuff without damaging your wall or your art.




Hero Holds are two-parts magnet, so please take special precautions that you normally would with magnetic products. Magnets can affect pacemakers and similar medical aids, credit cards, televisions and other CRT displays. Children should not handle Hero Holds. Seek immediate medical attention if you or your child accidentally swallow a Hero Hold.