We need a better way to hang our stuff.

The Original Hero Holds 

Est 2014


Our story is simple. We wanted a better way to hang our stuff. Frames are expensive and require nails. Push pins, tape, blue putty and other adhesives damage your posters and walls. 

Our benefits are simple. Hang your stuff: with a clean, minimal, modern appearance; more affordably than with frames; without causing damage to your posters or walls.

Using Hero Holds is simple. They're certainly easier than framing and matting. They're at least as easy, if not easier, than the other alternatives. See 'How To' for simple instructions.

What's My Story?

I am a simple man. There is a short list of things that get me excited to wake up in the morning: friends and family, and people in general, Hero Holds, unicycle basketball, music, and California and all of its beauty.

I, I, I. Fact is, you won't hear me talking about myself much. I'd much rather spend time asking you questions. I am incredibly grateful for opportunities in which I can connect with others. That's been the best part of this unbelievable project. I have been able to connect with friends who specialize in different industries. Usually, we would spend time together, probably not talking about work much, and just try to enjoy each others' company. As it turns out, the people I surround myself with are insanely talented! Friends and family, from online marketing, to graphic design, to photography, to community networking, you all are amazing! This project has been a gift. I look forward to the opportunity to return all the favors and generosity that I have seen. 

Me and Katie, after a successful Hero Holds photo shoot

Me and Katie, after a successful Hero Holds photo shoot

To those from my future, I look forward to meeting you down the road.

Kyle Sumner