I got my Hero Holds today and put my poster up in nothing flat. Love them! And my cousin is here and is QUITE impressed and will no doubt be purchasing some!!
— Ginny Carr, Los Osos, CA
I had a tight deadline for an art show in July. I was so caught up in getting all my artwork ready that hanging my prints was the last thing on my mind. Kyle suggested Hero Holds, and they worked great! I made the deadline for the show and Hero Holds displayed my art in an elegant and simple way.
— Caleb Mossembekker, Ventura, CA
Hero Holds are my absolute favorite tool for decorating. Tape and tacks don’t do it for me anymore.
— Laken Wright, Portland, OR
Hero Holds is literally the best product ever... “mini-magnets to hang posters on walls with no holes or damage.” I’m in love.
— Hannah Suzanna, Ventura, CA
I don’t like hanging things, but I do like them to be hung. Everything on my walls is rigged in some way that demonstrates my lack of patience with the process: some things are held by thumbtacks that can barely handle the weight of the items hung; a few are hung with too-large nails positioned strategically to cover up a string of holes in the wall where I “messed up”; some are literally propped up against the wall to appear as if I have hung them, when I actually haven’t done so. All of this is to explain why I appreciate Hero Holds so much. The hanging process was quick and simple, yet the result is clean and sophisticated. No more holes in my wall, no more broken push pins. The Hero Holds magnet system is the way to go. I’m ordering more.
— Jamie Relth, San Luis Obispo, CA
Recently I was teaching firefighters at a regional training center. I have leadership posters and flip charts that need to be displayed as they are created by the students. Traditionally I would tape posters and flip chart papers to the wall. Some of the time the tape would not stick; posters and flip charts would fall off the wall.

Along came Hero Holds, the perfect solution for fire instructors to hang posters, pictures, and flip chart papers to the wall.

The beauty of Hero Holds is they not only work in the classroom but are great for Fire Chief Officers to display maps and incident command documents to their vehicles! Amazing product! Highly recommend to all who have a need to hang pictures, posters, and flip chart papers.
— Will Spyrison, Retired Division Chief, Angeles National Forest